Pininfarina HK GT Transmission Information in Quick-to-Read Graphs

Average transmission load (Nm)

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Quick notes on Pininfarina HK GT transmission

    • Drive: All wheel drive (4x4)
    • Gearbox construction: Automatic
    • Transmission type: 2 AT
    • Average acceleration: 2.6 s to 60 mph

Gearbox types in 2018 Pininfarina HK GT through generations

Acceleration with different gearboxes

  • 38Kwh 2 AT—2.6 s to 60 mph (2.7 s to 100 kmh )
    Vehicle Transmission type Gears Drive type Optimal rpm Transmission efficiency
    38Kwh Automatic 2 AT All wheel drive (4x4) - -
    Vehicle 38Kwh
    Transmission type Automatic
    Gears 2 AT
    Drive type All wheel drive (4x4)
    Optimal rpm -
    Transmission efficiency -